Century Insignia Charm

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You are..Fanciful? Sometimes. Frivolous? Never. Like these..

The Century Insignia Charm is a revival of the Square Insignia, the first charm ever created by Waxing Poetic. Reimagined with brass lettering, this sterling silver insignia collection is symbolic of the endless act of growth and change.

  • Sterling Silver with Brass Letter
  • Charm is 1 inch
  • Product # CENT1MS-(Letter)
BEHIND THE DESIGN Old letterforms, timeless ways of adding a personal touch to letters… the strength of a wax seal… I just love the history held, and a way to communicate so much in such a small gesture. The Century Insignia is a two tone update to one of our very first Waxing Poetic pieces. The background for each letter was meticulously designed, then carved, cast and stamped again, honoring the process that inspired it. I love how these pieces feel… they are strong, they remind us of a simpler time. Deliberate in nature and personal in intention, the Century Insignia is your personal artifact, a marker, a sort of indicator of who you are in the broader realm of history.
Century Insignia Charm