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jill strickland brown

Jill Strickland Brown

Jill Started Frox in 2003 with the intent to make Frox a community and gathering place. A place where everyone feels at home. A place where you feel pampered and loved.

To empower women to have the confidence to fake it until you make it, with the clothing as the connector. The Frox button logo has so much meaning. It represents the buttons lovingly placed of the sweaters that I sold so many years before I opened Frox. It is also a great connector, the history of a button is unique.

Before the button was invented we draped our clothing but when the button was invented we could tailor our clothing and bring it close to the body and connect the fabric

That is what we do at Frox we connect as we teach our gals about fit and drape, we tell stories of our challenges and triumphs but mostly we realize that...

We are all interwoven... we are all connected... And these are the stories that thread us all together.

Join us at Frox and see what happens Behind the Button!


Hours & Location

17 N. 7th Street, Perkasie, Pa 18944

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Tues - Fri  10am-6pm  |  Sat 10am - 5pm  |  Sun 10am-2pm



These are the women behind the button!